African countries suffer the most from energy deficiency and lack of infrastructure, whether it’s having access to potable water, electricity or sanitation system. Moreover, climate change has made it worst for those countries to integrate the wheel of change towards development.

As a team of aware engineers of today’s problems and needs, we believe that the way to trigger the gear of global change is through innovation in the way we live first; by reconceiving our resources and managing them accordingly.

It’s through Thrive house that we hope to initiate African communities into a healthier, developed and sustainable life. Thrive house is a combination of modern construction and African refinement and elegance. It will provide maximum energy efficiency, adaptability through different climates and the comfort and hospitality of an African house. Thrive is by all mean an innovative house; it provides an active eco-friendly life-style, as well as keeps updated to the technological necessities of today. Thrive is our way of allowing our societies to thrive.

Avenue Ibn Sina, Rabat, Maroc